No Other Name?

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An honest discussion regarding how devout Christians should react to the academic evidence and genuine personal experience that other religious ways result in engaged, loving and moral lives. Does being “saved,” by the Christian definition, require a faith in Jesus Christ – meaning the historical person – or rather is it only important that human beings life their lives in accordance to His teachings? Knitter argues that one can be committed to a savior of “some other name,” and simultaneously be aligned with Christian thought, theology, and commitment.

A former SVD missionary, Paul Knitter has taught at Xavier University, Cincinnati, and Union Theological Seminary, New York City. His other books include Jesus and the Other NamesOne Earth, Many Religions, and Introducing Theology of Religions.

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No Other Name?
A Critical Survey of Christian Attitudes Toward the World Religions
American Society of Missiology Series
Paul F. Knitter

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