A Letter from the Publisher

Robert Ellsberg


It is always heartening to attend a conference, such as the American Academy of Religion which convened in Boston before Thanksgiving, and receive such affirmation from visitors to our booth. A typical comment: “I just love Orbis Books!” Part of the reason, no doubt, is that our program has such a clear and identifiable mission. In this era that mission is defined on the one hand by Pope Francis—with his call for mercy, care for the earth, and the defense of the poor—and on the other hand by President Trump, with his contempt for those on the margins, his disdain for the earth, and his glorification of wealth and power.

In the first case, we have published such books as Pope Francis’s The Works of Mercy, Cardinal Chito Tagle’s memoir, I Have Learned from the Least, and Martin McGee’s Dialogue of the Heart: Christian-Muslim Stories of Encounter. On the other hand, there are titles like The Problem of Wealth: A Christian Response to a Culture of Affluence by Elizabeth Hinson-Hasty, The Sin of White Supremacy by Jeannine Hill-Fletcher, and of course Faith and Resistance in the Age of Trump—all of them bestsellers in Boston, with the last the subject of two sessions at the AAR.


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