William Stringfellow

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"Vocation means being a human being: every decision is a vocational event."

William Stringfellow (1928-1985) was a radical lay theologian and social critic.  Drawing on the biblical warnings against "powers and principalities,: he leveled a prophetic critique against a range of institutions--the church, seminaries, economic structures, and the idolatries of the modern war-making state.  Trained as a lawyer, he was a lifelong gadfly in the Episcopal church, his chronic ill health fostering his tendency to see the world in the light of Eternity.  His great theme was the Constantinian compromise, the accommodation of Christianity to the values of the empire and the preservation of status quo. "My concern," he wrote, "is to understand America biblically,"--in contrast to the more common tendency, to understand the Bible "Americanly."

Bill Wylie-Kellermann is a United Methodist pastor who has served city parishes in Detroit, and has served as director of graduate theological urban studies for the Seminary Consortium for Urban Pastroal Education of Chicago, Illinois.  A graduate of Union Theological Seminary in New York City, he is the author of Seasons of Faith and Conscience, and the editor of a Keeper of the Word; Selected Writing of William Stringfellow.

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William Stringfellow
Essential Writings
Modern Spiritual Masters Series
Selected with an Introduction by Bill Wylie-Kellermann
Afterword by Daniel Berrigan, S.J.
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The late William Stringfellow has been, and continues to be, central to the struggle to call Christians (and other aliens in a strange land) back to their senses, calling us all to be fully human in a time of failing empire.... I am determined to use [this text] as a basis for an adult study in my parish, exploring how to live humanly -- that is to say, as truly Christian
-- in these days and in America.
"If your are looking for a book that is solidly biblical, unsparingly realistic about our condition in this society, and at the same time inspiringly hopeful about how we may live as disciples of Jesus, you cannot go wrong with Kellermann's William Stringfellow: Essential Writings."
"The book is a joy and a gift - a walk with a friend full of good conversation. But it is also a challenge. It can turn our lives upside down all over again. And it could not happen at a better time in our lives and our world."
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