Robert Ellsberg

Dear Friends,

Thich Nhat Hanh, the Vietnamese monk who turns 95 this year, is one of the most influential and revered spiritual teachers in the world, particularly for his teaching on Mindfulness. Sister Annabel Laity, who was born in England, became in 1988 the first Western person ordained as a monastic disciple in his Vietnamese Zen lineage. Now, in her new book, Mindfulness: Walking with Jesus and Buddhashe provides an inspiring and practical introduction to this practice, with chapters on breathing, walking, eating, and occasions for gratitude, celebration and enduring suffering. Though she is a Buddhist nun, her book is addressed to Christian readers, showing that the principles of mindfulness—a key to happiness and to being fully alive—can be adapted to any religious tradition. As Sister Simone Campbell comments, “Mindfulness is nourishment for my spirit and spiritual practice. . .It calms our spirits, stirs our insights and puts light on our path.”            

John’s Apocalypse, otherwise known as Revelation, has retained over centuries its climactic position in the Christian canon. Now our age is threatening its own distinctively “apocalyptic” climax: climate havoc. In Facing Apocalypse: Climate, Democracy, and Other Last Chances, Catherine Keller offers a dazzling journey through John’s first-century text. In it she finds 

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