Robert Ellsberg
Dear Friends,

We often like to speak of Orbis’s “prophetic” mission, which in the biblical sense refers not so much to predicting the future as “reading the signs of the times,” and judging the world by the measure of God’s justice and mercy. In that spirit we responded to the election four years ago with deep foreboding.

          Following an election season marked by xenophobic and racist dog whistles, ridicule of climate science, cruelty toward migrants and refugees, and appeals to small-minded nationalism, we commissioned Miguel De La Torre to edit a collection of essays by religious scholars and activists, Faith and Resistance in the Age of Trump. We were concerned not only by the impact of policies that lay ahead, but the implications of those policies for Christian faith. The reflections by Jim Wallis, David Gushee, Kelly Brown Douglas, Sr. Simone Campbell, Miguel Diaz, Marie Dennis and many more, have remained remarkably prescient and still (if only, perhaps, for the next few months) timely.                                                               Continue reading newsletter ...