Robert Ellsberg
Dear Friends,
Somewhere in the Vatican there is a thick file of letters I have sent Pope Francis over the years, describing our publication of his writings and our support for his mission. So, while it’s not exactly an ‘event’ when the Pope gets a letter from Orbis, it is a remarkable day when we receive a personal reply! Such a letter, written in Spanish, signed “Francisco” and postmarked  from the Casa Santa Marta in Rome, did indeed arrive last month. I am happy to share the contents, which are directed as much to you, our loyal friends and readers, as to me personally.

Dear Brother, the Pope began,

Thank you for the letter and the books that you sent me, as well as for all the efforts you make to sow, even “against wind and tides,” a culture based on fraternity. I join in thanksgiving for these first 50 years of the journey with the confidence that our Father who sees even what is done in secret will reward you (Mt 6:6).

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