Water Buffalo Theology

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"One of the most significant theological books of our time."--Dale T. Irvin, New York Theological Seminary

When first published in 1975 Water Buffalo Theology marked the emergence of a self-conscious Asian Christian theology on the world scene. In this twenty-fifith anniversary editon, Kosuke Koyama thoroughly updates the original, adding a retropspective introduction that shows how and why he has changed his mind on many topice, and maintained his position on others. This edition also includes an entriely new chapter on his "pilgrimage in mission."

Water Buffalo Theology urges readers today, as it did then, to abide by the first calling of Jesus Christ: to become ourselves an incarnation of God's love.

Kosuke Koyama (1929-2009) was an influential theologian whose work was noted for its poetic expression and ecumenical view. Born in Japan, he was baptized at the age of 15. He studied at Tokyo Union Theological Seminary, Drew University and Princeton Theological Seminary. After serving as a UCC missionary in Thailand he lectured at the University of Otago, New Zealand, the South East Asia Graduate School of Theology, Singapore, and then at Union Theological Seminary in New York. 

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Water Buffalo Theology
Kosuke Koyama