Transforming Mission

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One of the Top 100 Most Significant Books of the Twentieth Century--Christianity Today

"David Bosch's work is a kind of Summa Missiologica. . . . it will surely be the indispensable foundation for the teaching of missiology for many years to come."--Leslie Newbigin

"The most comprehensive and thorough study of the Christian mission done in this generation, if not this century."--Alan Neely

"Unquestionably stands out as the most comprehensive and enlightened work on mission models studied across Christians traditions and mission history."--Louis Luzbetak, SVD

David Boschs Transforming Mission, now available in over a dozen languages, is widely recognized as an historic and magisterial contribution to the study of mission. Examining the entire sweep of Christian tradition, he shows how five paradigms have historically encapsulated the Christian understanding of mission and then outlines the characteristics of an emerging ""postmodern"" paradigm dialectically linking the transcendent and imminent dimensions of salvation. In this new anniversary edition, Darrel Guder and Martin Reppenhagen explore the impact of Boschs work and the unfolding application of his seminal vision.

David J. Bosch, who died in 1992, was a professor and head of the department of Missiology at the University of South Africa.

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Transforming Mission
Paradigm Shifts in Theology of Mission
American Society of Missiology Series
David J. Bosch
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