The Unbearable Wholeness of Being

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2014 NAUTILUS BOOK AWARD - SILVER in Science/Cosmology

The award-winning author of Christ in Evolution and The Emergent Christ breaks new ground with this capstone in a trilogy that opens our eyes to the everywhere active, all powerful, all intelligent Love that guides and directs our new awareness of interrelatedness and interbeing. As Delio writes, "We all have a part to play in this unfolding Love; we are wholes within wholes; persons within persons; religions within religions. We are one body and we seek one mind and heart so that the whole may become more whole, more personal and unified in love. This is our Christian vocation, to live in the Christ who is rising up from the ashes of death to become for us the God of the future."

Ilia Delio, OSF, a Franciscan Sister of Washington, DC, holds the Josephine C. Connelly Endowed Chair in Theology at Villanova University.  A native of Newark, NJ, she earned doctorates in pharmacology from the New Jersey Medical School/School of Biomedical Sciences and in historical theology from Fordham University, NY, and is the recipient of a notable Templeton Course in Science and Religion award. Delio is the author of seventeen books including The Unbearable Wholeness of Being and Making All Things New and she lectures internationally on topics including evolution, artificial intelligence, consciousness, and religion.  See more online at

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The Unbearable Wholeness of Being
God, Evolution, and the Power of Love
Ilia Delio
"Diving into Delio's substantial scientific and theological work is a transformative reading experience and one into which I encourage my fellow spiritual directors to plunge."
". . . the book contributes well to Delio's general message, delivered in this and previous books, that Christians need to integrate their theology and piety much better with the reality of cosmic evolution."
"Both demanding and daring, The Unbearable Wholeness of Being offered this reader an opportunity to contextualize contemporary anxieties about meaning within an expansive cosmo-logical framework. Therefore, unlike beach reading, it inspires hope."
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