The Journey of Reconciliation

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What does it mean for Christians in Africa to receive the gift and invita­tion of reconciliation in the midst of the stubborn realities of war, poverty, and violence? Here, Emmanuel Katongole outlines a theological vision of reconciliation as God’s journey with creation—both gift and mission. He then explores the ecclesiological dimension of reconciliation and provides different por­traits on why and how the church matters for reconciliation in Africa.

Finally, he draws on stories of peace activists in Congo, Uganda, and Rwanda to illuminate the spiritual and practical disciplines that sustain those who labor for reconciliation.

Emmanuel Katongole is a Ugandan priest and theologian. Founder of the Center for Recon­ciliation at Duke University, he is professor of theology and peace studies at Notre Dame. His books include The Sacrifice of Africa: A Political Theology for Africa (Eerdmans); Mirror to the Church: Resurrecting Faith after Genocide in Rwanda, with Jonathan Wilson Hartgrove (Zondervan); and Reconciling All Things: A Chris­tian Vision for Justice, Peace and Healing, with Chris Rice (IVP Press).

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The Journey of Reconciliation
Groaning for a New Creation in Africa
Emmanuel Katongole

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"A thoughtful and provocative meditation on the challenge 'and the promise' of the Christian reconciliation in Africa."
Deeply theological and yet aimed toward practice, this profound book will be well received by scholars and teachers of religious peacebuilding or theologies of reconciliation or ecclesiology.
Emmanuel Katongole is one of the most incisive and accessible African theologians writing today. In these inspiring essays, he demonstrates how the "new creation" initiated by God’s love is taking root in the most difficult of circumstances.
The message of reconciliation only becomes concrete when we are able to follow its unfolding in the concrete stories of those who work for healing and justice. Emmanuel Katongole has done us all an immense service by tracing what reconciliation will mean in the midst of the struggles in Eastern Africa today. A must-read for anyone who engages in the work of social reconciliation in our conflicted world.
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