The Gift of Mission

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In 2011 the Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers celebrated one hundred years of mission work in more than forty countries around the world in a symposium that brought together missioners, theologians, and scholars with a wide range of expertise and insights. These selected essays explore both the achievements and failures of the past and the challenges and rewards that mission outreach experiences today in our pluralistic world. Acknowledging and honoring the past, The Gift of Mission also provides perspectives into the future of Christian mission and the changing nature of that mission in the 21st century—and beyond.

Contributors include Cardinal Francis George, Robert Schreiter, Peter Phan, Dana Robert, Bishop Ricardo Ramirez, Gustavo Gutiérrez, Barbara Reid, Daniel Groody, and many others.

James H. Kroeger, M.M., is professor of mission theology at the Loyola School of Theology and the East Asian Pastoral Institute in Manila, Philippines. He has written or edited more than thirty books and contributed to many others. He serves as president of the Philippine Association of Catholic Missiologists and as executive secretary of the Asian-born Missionary Societies Forum.

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The Gift of Mission
The Maryknoll Centennial Symposium
James H. Kroeger
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Kroeger should be congratulated for bringing together these papers, which recognize the important role that Maryknollers have played in enabling others to re-examine how they live out their call to be missionary today.
Highlights Maryknoll's contribution to mission and the changes in the mission perspective over the last 100 years. The different contributions inform about constants in reaching out to others and tell the stories of missionaries (women and men) who were transformed through their contacts with the others in all continents (except Europe). After 100 years, Maryknoll is also faced with the need to change, in accordance with the actual theological and vocational views. This makes the book quite interesting and refreshing.
Especially during our uncertain times, filled with fear and suspicion, the story of the Maryknollers,can stir us up to seek and to find opportunities for intercultural learning, cross-cultural service, and growth in Christian witness wherever we may be.
Kroeger's latest edited volume is extremely well-crafted, and serves as a fine reminder of the fantastic mission work still being undertaken in the world today. This work is also highly appropriate for institutions with collections dedicated to Church history, missiology, and pastoral theology.
This book, which brings together a fascinating team of collaborators, remains throughout a thoughtful and thought-provoking study. It should be widely welcomed.
"Thoughtful missionaries will read this volume with much profit."
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