Struggle to Be the Sun Again

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What are the distinctive theological challenges of Asian women to theology and the church? Struggle To Be the Sun Again offers answers to this crucial question as it articulates the specific contribution of emerging Asian women’s theology to the meaning of the gospel.

Chung begins by examining the historical and social contexts of Asian women’s theology and their reflections on humanity. She then explores specific manifestations of these theologies in Christology, in Mariology, in spirituality. Chung concludes by analyzing the contribution of Asian women’s theology to contemporary theology, and its future.

Struggle To Be the Sun Again provides a fine, readable introduction to emerging feminist theologies from Asia. It is an ideal text for classes in Asian, feminist, liberation, and third world theologies.

Chung Hyun Kyung holds a doctorate from Union Theological Seminary and teaches systematic theology at Swha Women’s University, Seoul, Korea.

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Struggle to Be the Sun Again
Introducing Asian Women's Theology
Chung Hyun Kyung