Spirituality of Liberation

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How is it possible to live a spiritual life? What should the kernel of this spirituality be, in this world of crises, challenges, and change? From his immersion in the violent and struggle-filled reality of Central America, Jon Sobrino articulates a way to imbue the practice of liberation with spirituality – a dimension that critics often charge is lacking in liberation theology.

Without spirit, practice degenerates. Without practice, spirit remains vague, undifferentiated, even alienated. Sobrino argues that the only authentic Christian practice is the following of Jesus in one’s own history, that that discipleship must be lived in the spirit of Jesus, in heart and soul as well as world and deed.

Jon Sobrino, S.J., is a Spanish-born Jesuit theologian who has lived in El Salvador for the past two decades. His books include Christ the Liberator, Witnesses to the Kingdom, Where Is God?, Jesus the Liberator, and No Salvation Outside the Poor. With Ignacio Ellacuria he edited Mysterium Liberationis: Fundamental Concepts of Liberation Theology.

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Spirituality of Liberation
Toward Political Holiness
Jon Sobrino