Social Analysis for the 21st Century

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                                Expanding and elaborating on the classic "green book" Social Analysis: Linking Faith and Justice, Maria Cimperman addresses the ongoing need for the tools of social analysis in every area of Christian life and pastoral care. Cimperman revisits the famous “pastoral circle” approach of see/judge/act, but with updated language and areas of concern.

                        Like its predecessor, this text is a must-have for seminaries, divinity schools, college classrooms, and immersion groups. Reproducible worksheets are included for collaborative work and discussion.

Maria Cimperman, RSCJ, is associate professor of theological ethics and director of the Center for the Study of Consecrated Life at the Catholic Theological Union, Chicago.

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Social Analysis for the 21st Century
How Faith Becomes Action
Maria Cimperman
Foreword by Peter Henriot, S.J.
This is a wonderful volume that will no doubt help students, activists and leaders engage more meaningfully and effectively their work for peace and justice... [It] will properly assume a respected place in the libraries of many religious people and in the “tool kits” of many activists. Maria Cimperman has done a great service to those working for justice and peace. Her volume will be important too in renewing more serious attention to the field of ethics. It is never easy to write the sequel in a manner that exceeds the original. But in a most thoughtful and sensitive way Maria Cimperman has done just that and in the process helped all of us who seek to make the world a better place.
When many of us see injustice, we want to act immediately. This book helps us take a moment to enter the ‘pastoral spiral,’ using the tools of social analysis to discern the answers to "why" questions and learning what our faith has to say about our concerns, so that we can act more authentically as disciples of Jesus Christ and more effectively in the public arena.
This detailed guide to social analysis is a wonderful contribution to an important but too often ignored practice. Maria Cimperman's reflections on the dynamics of change and the role of creative, adaptive leadership in the process of social transformation are particularly helpful for communities using the pastoral spiral in concrete efforts toward a more just and peaceful world.
Vision, inspiration, leadership, stories, scripture, theology and, of course, social analysis -- it's all here! Anyone who seriously wants to change the world would be wise to read this road map to real impact.
Using the ‘pastoral spiral method,’ Cimperman deftly allows people in parishes, schools and social action committees to pursue justice, address policy issues based on a faith stance. I know of no other resource that equals this book--I very highly recommend it.
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