Sermons on the Parables

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Howard Thurman (1899-1981) was one of the finest thinkers and most influential preachers of his era. Yet Thurman’s importance goes well beyond his influence on Martin Luther King, Jr. and oth­ers in the freedom struggle. His spiritual gifts and dreams, as well as his unique response to his troubled times, were as extraordinarily cre­ative as they were vast and far-reaching.

This collection of fifteen of Thurman’s unpub­lished sermons on the parables of Jesus captures the power of the parables to challenge, trans­form, and inspire us to declare or reaffirm our commitment to the reign of God and the hu­man community proclaimed by Jesus .

David B. Gowler holds a chair in religion at Emory University. His books include The Para­bles after Jesus (Baker) and What Are They Saying about the Parables? (Paulist Press).

Kipton E. Jensen is associate professor of phi­losophy at Morehouse College.

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Sermons on the Parables
Howard Thurman
Edited and with an introduction by David B. Gowler and Kipton E. Jensen

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