One Earth, Many Religions

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In One Earth Many Religions Knitter looks back at his own “dialogical odyssey” and forward to the way that interfaith encounters and dialogue must focus attention on new challenges. Nothing less than enlisting the commitment of the world’s religions on task of saving our common home will do. In making that case, Knitter makes clear the complex structures – political economic, and social as well as religious – that face those who approach this task. While articulating a “this worldly soteriology necessary to overcome our eco-human plight, Knitter offers practical considerations on actions and projects that have and should have been undertaken to stem the tide of environmental and human suffering.  

Paul F. Knitter  has taught at Xavier University, Cincinnati, and Union Theological Seminary, New York. He is author of No Other Name? and is General Editor of the Orbis Faith Meets Faith Series in Interreligious Dialogue.

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One Earth, Many Religions
Multifaith Dialogue and Global Responsibility
Paul F. Knitter