On the Side of the Poor

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For many years the theology of liberation, which emerged from Latin America in the 1970s, was viewed with suspicion and even hostility in Rome. In this historic exchange, Father Gustavo Gutiérrez, one of the original architects of liberation theology, and Cardinal Gerhard Müller, current Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, offer a new and positive chapter. Cardinal Müller, who as a student of Gutiérrez spent many summers working in Peru, writes with deep feeling and conviction about the contributions of liberation theology to church teaching—particularly in its articulation of the preferential option for the poor.

In his own contribution here, Gutiérrez lays out the essential ideas of liberation theology, its ecclesial location, and its fresh enunciation of the gospel for our time.

Gustavo Gutiérrez, a Dominican priest and theologian from Peru, is the author of A Theology of Liberation, On Job: God-Talk and the Suffering of the Innocent, We Drink from Our Own Wells, The God of Life, and many other books. He teaches at the University of Notre Dame.

Gerhard Ludwig Müller was ordained a priest in 1971. After teaching dogmatic theology in Munich, he was appointed bishop of Regensberg. In 2012 he was appointed Prefect for the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. He was named a Cardinal in 2014.


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On the Side of the Poor
The Theology of Liberation
Gustavo Gutierrez
Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Muller
Foreword by Josef Sayer
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In an age where we have seen much discord and sometimes even ugly debate in the church and political sphere in the United States, this book provides an exemplary model for the appreciation of two theologians with different backgrounds, different perspectives, and different roles in the Roman Catholic Church today. This book successfully combines new and innovative ideas moving past previous points of disagreement in the 1980s, and offers an appreciative view by the current head of the CDF of the thought of one of the great fathers of liberation theology.
In a historic collection of essays, theological giants Gutiérrez and Cardinal Gerhard Müller invite us into their speaking about God and the poor, always animated by faith....those seeking to take up Pope Francis’ call to go to the margins and build a culture of solidarity will find On the Side of the Poor a satisfying and inspiring read.
This book could serve as a beginning exploration of liberation theology for the layperson. I also recommend this book as a starting point for discussions in undergraduate theology courses based on social justice. It would also be a useful example in sociology for introducing solutions for injustice and inequality in society from a religious perspective. Bible study groups searching for meaning in the scriptures could also find this read helpful as a guide for understanding putting the least among us first.... In summary, everyone should read this book. It thoroughly covers the basic stance of liberation theology, but also defines and describes new directions for its future by bringing the reader up-to-date with the Biblical imperative to prioritize the poor.
A worthwhile read.
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