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The bestselling author of The Unbearable Wholeness of Being introduces a new paradigm for being Catholic: Catholicity, destined to become as familiar in this century as the word Catholic was in the 2nd century. Catholicity is a conscious awareness of how everything —the sun, moon, stars, Kepler, Saturn, maple trees, muddy rivers, amoeba, bacteria and all peoples of the earth — form a whole. It is a dynamic quality of being which burst forth in the life of Jesus with the power to make all things new. It is now beginning to connect all the dimensions of life: religion, spirituality, the sciences, art, culture, and society. Sr. Ilia fully describes this unitive principle which is being expressed by Pope Francis and emerging in the lives of sincere seekers everywhere. Making All Things New is at once an important stand-alone work and the first volume in a new series unveiling the reality of catholicity and wholeness under the guidance of Sr. Ilia Delio.

Ilia Delio, OSF, a Franciscan Sister of Washington, DC, holds the Josephine C. Connelly Endowed Chair in Theology at Villanova University.  A native of Newark, NJ, she earned doctorates in pharmacology from the New Jersey Medical School/School of Biomedical Sciences and in historical theology from Fordham University, NY, and is the recipient of a notable Templeton Course in Science and Religion award. Delio is the author of seventeen books including The Unbearable Wholeness of Being and Making All Things New and she lectures internationally on topics including evolution, artificial intelligence, consciousness, and religion.  See more online at

Click here for an audio of Ilia Delio's talk at the 2016 American Teilhard Assocation. 

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Making All Things New
Catholicity, Cosmology, Consciousness
Catholicity in an Evolving Universe
Ilia Delio
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Delio provides a tantalizing taste of a renewed framing of the story of Jesus around its inner principle, catholicity, which can set our hearts on fire again, and provide the power to reconnect our divided world. This book (as well as those forthcoming in the series) should be in every library that serves seekers of all kinds: high schools, colleges, universities, and especially schools of theology and seminaries. It is also an excellent resource for adult formation and discussion groups.
Theology professors will find this first contribution to the series Catholicity in an Evolving Universe helpful for student learning, reflection, and action.
... challenging and mind stretching.
Throughout her text, Delio integrates science, theology, and spirituality in ways that are mutually informative yet without conflation. The result is an argument that compels the reader to examine her/his own perspective. Delio’s book is therefore valuable and provocative for a wide-ranging audience, from those who have embraced this vision to those who have not yet considered it.
Making All Things New gives a renewed understanding of Jesus and the meaning of incarnation. It is a serious read and will provide a deeper motivation for the challenges of Laudato Si'.
Refreshing and challenging, a spiritually profound invitation for Christian, especially Catholic, theology to wake up and become aware that relationality is an essential feature of reality and that human beings are wholes within ever bigger wholes. Significant in this regard is chapter 8, "Putting on the Mind of Christ," a call to overcome all kinds of dualism and move towards a non-dual consciousness, training our brains into a Christic mindfulness that allows us to be one with God. To put on the mind of Christ means to know the power within us to create the future through the decisions
we make in our present.
Those who are new to Delio's work should feel comfortable starting with this book since, throughout its pages, she summarizes many of the fundamental lessons and ideas in her earlier work. 'Making All Things New' builds upon many of Delio's previous insights, but its greatest contribution is the new life that she breathes into the word "catholic."
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