Liberating Jonah

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When a reluctant Jonah finally entered Nineveh to announce God's grace to the powerful Assyrian empire, God brought about reconciliation between the oppressors and the oppressed. Today, too, the world is inhabited by both oppressors and oppressed, and in desperate need of reconciliation--between different ethnic backgrounds, socio-economic levels, and gender and sexual orientations.

Liberating Jonah describes the significant role that can be played by the underrepresented and oppressed as instruments of reconciliation today. Accessible language makes this book appropriate for undergraduate classrooms as well as church study groups.

Miguel A. De La Torre is an associate professor of social ethics and director of the Justice and Peace Institute at the Iliff School of Theology in Denver, CO. He is the author of many books including the award-winning, Reading the Bible from the MarginsDoing Christian Ethics from the Margins, and Trails of Hope and Terror.

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Liberating Jonah
Forming an Ethics of Reconciliation
Miguel A. De La Torre