Introducing Theologies of Religion

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An up-to-date, accessible, and comprehensive study of every major position taken by Christian churches and theologians on world religions and religious pluralism.This volume shares insights into the positions of writers concerned with understanding Christianity among the world's great religious traditions. Avoiding labels of past debates (Exclusivism, Pluralism, and Inclusivism), Knitter suggest four different models (Replacement, Fulfillment, Mutuality, and Acceptance) that more adequately link together thirteen ways of approaching and understanding the variety of  religious expression.

“A book to read before all others in the field.”—Alan Race, author, Interfaith Encounter

“The great virtue of Knitter’s book is his effort to be fair, even sympathetic, to the variety of contemporary voices in this debate.”—Leo D. Lefebure, in The Christian Century

“A great help to students, practitioners, and all theologians of dialogue, for it critically assesses what has been achieved, challenges and quests the roads taken, and provides helpful pointers to where the discussion might be going.”

—Ursula King, author, Spirit of Fire: The Life and Vision of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

  “An excellent summary of the best scholarship dealing with the vexatious subject of interreligious dialogue and comparative theology.”—Lawrence S. Cunningham, in Commonweal

 “A triumph of intellectual empathy: it treats the variety of Christian views of religious diversity with the courtesy and grace Knitter has done so much to foster in interfaith dialogue.”—Mark Heim, author, Salvations

 “A work like this book could constitute an important resource for modern Christians as citizen of the global village.”—Susan Smith, in Mission Studies

Paul F. Knitter is professor emeritus of Union Theological Seminary, New York City. He taught theology for many years at Xavier University, Cincinnati, OH. His Orbis books include One Earth Many Religions: Multifaith Dialogue and Global ResponsibilityJesus and the Other Names: Christian Mission and Global Responsibility; and (with Roger Haight) Jesus and Buddha: Two Friends in Conversation.

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Introducing Theologies of Religion
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