Introducing Liberation Theology

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Two of Latin America’s foremost theologians, brothers Leonardo and Clodovis Boff, have written this book for the general reader who asks, “What is liberation theology?” With stunning precision and clarity, they describe the sources of this ‘theology in movement,’ its main themes and challenges, its roots in Latin America and its reverberations throughout the world.

Leonardo Boff, a Brazilian theologian, was educated in his native Brazil and in Munich, Germany. A professor of theology in Petropolis, Brazil, he is author of numerous well known works on liberation theology, including Ecclesiogenesis: Jesus Christ Liberator; New Evangelization; Ecology & Liberation; The Path to Hope; and Cry of the Earth, Cry of the Poor

Clodovis Boff is a Servite priest and a professor at the Catholic University of Sao Paulo. Among his books are Feet-on-the-Ground Theology and The Bible, the Church & the Poor.

Both authors live and work among the poor people who make up the base ecclesial communities – the source of liberation theology.

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Introducing Liberation Theology
Leonardo Boff
Clodovis Boff