In Our Own Voices

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U.S. Latino/a theology has emerged as one of the most dynamic and creative theological developments in the last thirty years. Reflecting the diversity as well as commonality among Latino/a theologians, this ecumenical team of men and women, both Catholic and Protestant, explore some of the core symbols and doctrines of Christianity from a distinctively Latino/a perspective. Beginning with the doctrine of God, creation, and human being, the authors present diverse perspectives on Christology, the church, and the "kin-dom of God" (la familia de Dios).

For students, scholars, clergy and all those engaged in cross-cultural and ecumenical ministries, In Our Own Voices offers a new way of seeing the core ides of faith.

Contributors include: Luis N. Rivera-Pagan, Jeanette Rodriguez, Carmen Nanko-Fernandez, Michelle A. Gonzalez, Michael E. Lee, Roberto S. Goizueta, Harold J. Recinos, Ada Mara Isasi-Diaz.

Benjamin Valentin is professor of theology and culture at Andover Newton Theological School in Newton Centre, MA.

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In Our Own Voices
Latino/a Renditions of Theology
Benjamin Valentin
This small volume achieves its lofty purpose of closely defining the impact of Liberation Theology on doctrinal considerations. By contextualizing the social changes of the last thirty years in substantive, religious terms, it gives legitimation both to the need for change and to the engines and drivers of change in the contemporary Catholic church and contemporary Christian religion.
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