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Ignacio Ellacuría, a Spanish Jesuit theologian, philosopher, and rector of the University of Central America in San Salvador, was one of the key intellectual authors of liberation theology. On November 16, 1989, he and other members of the Jesuit community of the university were massacred by Salvadoran army troops.

Ignacio Ellacuría offers twelve of his most important essays, at last providing English-speaking readers with a comprehensive introduction to Ellacuria's thought. Traditional topics such as Christology, ecclesiology, theological method, and spirituality are interwoven with reflections on colonialism, liberation, religion and politics, the philosophy of Xavier Zubiri, and the legacy of Archbishop Oscar Romero.

This is a volume that not only chronicles the thought of one of the most fertile minds of the last century, but challenges the way theology should be carried out for the century to come.

Michael E. Lee is associate professor of theology at Fordham University and a board member of the Catholic Theological Society of America. His book Bearing the Weight of Salvation: The Soteriology of Ignacio Ellacuría (Crossroad, 2009) was a winner of the 2010 Hispanic Theological Initiative Book Prize.


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Ignacio Ellacuría
Essays on History, Liberation, and Salvation
Michael E. Lee
Commentary by Kevin F. Burke, S.J.
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The twelve essays in this volume can help English-speaking readers begin the process of coming to terms with Ellacuria's life, thought, and death.
. . . a powerful reflection on what a liberating church can be: leaven in the mass as also salt of the earth, light of the world and mustard seed. It will be of special interest to all those interested in the Church of Latin America and in theological reflection on the cause of the poor.
The great value of bringing this set of essays before the English-speaking pubic at this time is that it gives the lie to the prevailing view that liberation theology is dead. . . these writings--ostensibly tied to a particular moment in Central American history--speak with a freshness that challenges the church of the northern hemisphere to live up to its responsibilities to the reign of God.
". . . significant and timely."
". . . provides a solid blend of Christian and social perspectives and is a 'must' for any Christian theology holding"
". . . provides much needed English translations of an important theological and philosophical thinker whose essays fill muti-volume sets in Spanish."
"One of five Jesuit priests murdered by a right-wing squad in San Salvador in November 1989, Ellacuria was a leading figure in the liberation theology movement. Here are 12 of his essays on the reality of history through Latin American eyes, liberation: the Christian and the historical, and saving history. Among the topics are laying the philosophical foundations of a Latin American theological method, the Christinan challenge of liberation theology, salvation history, theology as the ideological moment of ecclesial praxis, and Monsenor Romero as one sent by God to save his people."
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