I'd Rather Teach Peace

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A welcome addition to the literature . . . belongs in every library.""--Margaret Mary Reher in American Catholic Studies

When acclaimed Washington Post columnist Colman McCarthy was invited to teach a course on writing at an impoverished public school in Washington, D.C., he responded, "I'd rather teach peace." Thus began the work he has passionately pursued for the past three decades: teaching courses on nonviolence, conflict management, and peace studies in high schools, colleges, and prisons.

I'd Rather Teach Peace chronicles one semester in six of these schools, as students find themselves challenged and inspired by an unconventional course and by a man who believes that if we don't teach our children peace, someone else will teach them violence.

Colman McCarthy, a columnist for The Washington Post for 28 years, now directs the Center for Teaching Peace, part of the Washington Peace Center, a non-profit organization that helps schools establish peace studies programs.

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I'd Rather Teach Peace
Colman McCarthy