History of the World Christian Movement Volume I

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"Hands down, this is the most balanced, comprehensive survey of pre-Reformation church history yet published . . . . I have taught church history for a long time but I gained new insights from every chapter."--George Harper, in Journal of Asian Mission

This first comprehensive account of Christianity as a world religion is a landmark, offering the work of five years of a team of 43 international scholars and consultants. For the first time, the peoples of Asia, Africa, and the Near East take their rightful place in the account of the unfolding of the Christian story from its beginnings to the 15th century.

"This corrective to the understanding of the history of Christianity has long been necessary, and has been successfully accomplished by the authors and their consultants. This is an excellent, scholarly study which will be of great use to university students of Christianity."--W.H.C. Frend, in Theology(UK)

Dale T. Irvin is president of New York Theological Seminary and professor of World Christianity. He is the author of Christian Histories, Christian Traditioning (1998).

Scott W. Sunquist is Dean, School of Intercultural Studies and Professor of World Christianity, Fuller Theological Seminary, and lead editor of The Dictionary of Asian Christianity (Eerdmans, 2001).


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History of the World Christian Movement - Vol. I
Volume I: Earliest Christianity to 1453
Dale T. Irvin
Scott W. Sunquist