Hearts on Fire

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"A marvelous book that tells a tremendously inspiring story."--St. Anthony Messenger

Hearts on Fire is the history of the Maryknoll Sisters of Saint Dominic, updated to mark the centennial of their founding in 1912. Through the voices of the Sisters themselves--from their pioneering work in China to their solidarity with the suffering church in El Salvador and Zimbabwe--Lernoux draws a loving portrait of a community in constant transition. Hearts on Fire shows how, in their process of growth and conversion, Maryknoll Sisters have made an indelible mark on the church and the world.

Penny Lernoux (1940-1989) was an award-winning journalist who chronicled the hopes and struggles of the post-Vatican II Catholic church, particularly in Latin America. In addition to her many articles in The Nation, The National Catholic Reporter, and Sojourners, she wrote the landmark work, Cry of the People (Doubleday, 1982), as well as People of God (Viking, 1989).

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Hearts on Fire
The Story of the Maryknoll Sisters
Penny Lernoux