God, Creation, and Climate Change

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Leading theologians and ethicists reflect on the most serious crisis of our time, offering insights from theology, history, and ethics to aid in the transformation required to meet it.

The magnitude of the problem of environmental degradation and climate change requires a complete rethinking and reorientation of our way of being in the world. Responding to this crisis requires not only a conversion of the will but even more fundamentally a transformation of the imagination--that is, the capacity to think of other ways of being, thinking, and acting in the world.

These original essays, by a distinguished group of Catholic scholars, assess the gravity of the situation and offer resources from the biblical and theological traditions for the necessary mobilization of will and the conversion of our imaginations.

Contributors include: Richard W. Miller, Dianne Bergant, CSA, John OKeefe, James Schaefer, Daniel Finn, and David OBrien.

Richard W. Miller is assistant professor of systematic theology at Creighton University, Omaha, Nebraska. He is a founder of the Church in the 21st Century Lecture Series, from which this volume is drawn. He is the editor, most recently, of Women and the Shaping of Catholicism.

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God, Creation, and Climate Change
A Catholic Response to the Environmental Crisis
Richard W. Miller