Francis of Rome & Francis of Assisi

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The vision of Pope Francis, as seen by one of the world's leading liberation theologians.

"There is no shortage of excitement about Pope Francis, but very little critical theological analysis of his ministry . . . [Boff] one of the most credible theological voices of Catholicism supplies it."  --Publishers Weekly

"Amidst the deluge of books about Pope Francis, Leonardo Boff's is the best informed and most eloquently written of any.  His book is at once supple, elegant and utterly absorbing." --Harvey Cox, author, The Silencing of Leonardo Boff

"Leonardo Boff is in a unique and informed position to write this book.  He brings historical, theological, and cultural analysis--along with a lot of inspiration--to present the world with the genuine newness of these two revolutionary men named Francis.  Read, and get ready for a truly catholic and ecumenical Christian hope!"           --Fr. Richard Rohr, O.F.M.

"VERDICT The volume's subject matter and format make it well suited for adult Sunday school and other discussion groups with in interest an religion . . ."  --Library Journal

In his choice of a name, did Pope Francis also indicate an agenda, a vision, and a sense of mission?  As Leonardo Boff observes, the spirit of St. Francis, the most beloved of all saints, invites the church to embrace the poor, to promote peace, and to adopt an ecological consciousness.  In embracing these values, Pope Francis has unleashed enormous hopes.

In this enthusiastic work, Boff explores the connections between the two Francises--and the promise they hold for the church and the world today.

Leonardo Boff spent more than thirty years as a Franciscan, including 22 years as a professor at the Franciscan Institute of Petropolis in Rio de Janeiro.  Since leaving the Franciscan order and the priesthood in 1992, he has served as professor of ethics at the University of Rio de Janeiro.  He has written more than eighty books, including Jesus Christ Liberator, Christianity in a Nutshell, and Francis of Assisi (all available from Orbis).

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Francis of Rome & Francis of Assisi
A New Springtime for the Church
Leodardo Boff
Boff writes with obvious joy and hope for the future of the church, and his enthusiasm is contagious.
Others, like myself, who could use a heaping dollop of hope and joy after watching the close of Pope Francis' compelling odyssey through the eastern U.S. in September, should find considerable sustenance in this very uplifting book... The spiritual kinship between Francis of Assisi and Papa Francisco is also explored. Yet we'd also be remiss not to also acknowledge the pangs of our loss, also know as Acutely Missing Pope Francis or AMPF, are indeed pervasive... The good news here, however, is such protracted melancholy indeed proves we were listening to the man - even as our very souls soared on his remarkable and thoughtful words and deeds! (Imagine addressing Congress without cussing them!) Moreover, who wouldn't reel after witnessing television, almost beaming after its fleeting renaissance as a source of inspiration and significance covering the pope, again becoming that crude transmitter of debasement and frivolity? (And I'm not just referring to political campaigns!)
In short, Leonardo Boff's book is a potent balm to afflicted spirits! Savor it as one would a most endearing song or sunrise.
Leonardo Boff, veteran Brazilian liberation theologian and former Franciscan priest, presents an enthusiastic comparison of Francis, Bishop of Rome, with St. Francis of Assisi.... This book will appeal to the patrons of a wide variety of libraries, including academic and Catholic secondary school libraries, those providing resources for parish discussion groups, and special collections in eco-spirituality and social justice.
Provides an introduction to these two extraordinary figures and includes a brief overview of the papacy, tracing how the office of the bishop of Rome eventually became the infallible pope.
Perhaps what makes this book so endearing, aside from the author's refreshing optimism and clarity, is its design. Rather than lengthy chapters, the work is comprised of a series of bit-sized reflections, most of which can be read in fifteen minutes. This helps the reader incrementally grasp Boff's key ideas while linking them to the book's central notion, exploring two soulmates called Francis and how they almost single-handedly revolutionized their times ... this book is essential reading for anyone who needs hope and wants religion to matter again.
... a strong story that belongs in Catholic and Christian collections.
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