Following Christ in a Consumer Society

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In an era of fraud, corruption, and the relentless celebration of image over substance, the message of this perennial best-seller is more timely than ever. Following Christ in a Consumer Society offers a penetrating critique of the culture of consumerism, contrasted with the personalism of the Gospel. Addressing a soul-destroying culture in which "having more" has become the only measure of value, Kavanaugh reminds us of the values that truly make us human. Through the counter-cultural message of the Gospel, his book presents a diagnosis of our social ills while at the same time providing a guide back to wholeness, sanity, and spiritual health.

John F. Kavanaugh is a Jesuit priest who teaches at St. Louis University. His many books include Who Counts as Persons? Human Identity and the Ethics of Killing.

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Following Christ in a Consumer Society
John F. Kavanaugh