Faith & Joy

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"Hope is necessary in our lives. . . . . We have lost some battles but I believe that our cause is invincible because it is the cause of justice, the cause of love."--Fernando Cardenal

Fernando Cardenal, a Nicaraguan Jesuit priest, oversaw a national literacy campaign and served as Minister of Education in the revolutionary Sandinista government in the 1980s. The Sandinista revolution was unusual for the wide participation of Christians in the struggle. However, the role of priests in the revolutionary government (including Fernando’s brother, Ernesto Cardenal, a famous poet), was a source of bitter controversy with the Vatican. When he declined to resign his government post (judging that it would be “a grave sin if I were to abandon my priestly option for the poor”), Cardenal was suspended from the priesthood and expelled from the Society of Jesus.

Underlying this dramatic story is the deep sense of vocation, which inspired Cardenal’s commitment to the poor, his decision to join the revolutionary struggle, and his work within the revolution to instill values of self-sacrifice, generosity, and love. When he later became disillusioned by the corruption of certain party leaders, these same values prompted his break with the Sandinistas.

Moving and inspiring, Faith and Joy—which ends with Cardenal’s unprecedented readmission to the Society of Jesus—relates the journey of a priest who consistently followed his faith and conscience to serve the poor and to live out the revolutionary implications of the Gospel. 

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Faith & Joy
Memoirs of a Revolutionary Priest
Fernando Cardenal, S.J.
Edited and translated by Kathleen McBride and Mark Lester
Foreword by Peter Marchetti
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Written in clear and direct prose, Cardenal’s memoirs are a jewel that illuminate a coherent Christian life committed to personal and social liberation—a life whose solidarity with others generates hope both for its contemporaries, and also for the youth that follow.
A fascinating look inside the life, vocation, and political life of Fernando Cardenal, SJ. Part Ignatian spiritual discernment, part political history and part apology, this volume is an accessible, interesting, and important story....I highly recommend this book for upper-class undergraduates or master’s students, or researchers studying the church of Latin America or global ecclesiology.
Highly recommended for parish and academic libraries and for all who wish to understand the connection between love and justice.
Although this book takes readers inside the front lines of Latin American history, it also presents the inner workings of a man of great faith and humility. More importantly, it shows readers what it's like to love Jesus Christ more than anyone else, including oneself.
The first-hand witness of a holy man to his struggle to be faithful to the Gospel's call to care for the poor.
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