Defending Mother Earth

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Defending Mother Earth brings together important Native voices to address urgent issues of environmental devastation affecting indigenous peoples through the Americas. These essays document a  range of problems, including the devastating effects of mining, nuclear power facilities, toxic waste dumps, and water pollution. 

As the contributors demonstrate, the struggles to stop these threats are intimately tied to the assertion of American Indian sovereignty and the affirmation of Native culture: the Earth is, indeed, Mother to all these nations. In his concluding reflection, George Tinker argues that the affirmation of Indian spiritual values, especially the attitude toward the Earth, may hold out a key to the survival of the planet, and all its peoples.

Contributors include: Russell Means (Oglala Lakota), Donald Fixico (Shawnee/Sac and Fox/Muscogee/Seminole), Grace Thorpe (Sac and Fox), Justine Smith (Cherokee), Norma Kassi (Gwich'in), Phyllis Young (Standing Rock Sioux), Margaret Sam-Cromarty (Cree), Jace Weaver (Cherokee), Andrea Smith (Cherokee), Duane Good Striker (Blood), George Tinker (Osage/Cherokee), Thom White Wolf Fassett (Seneca).

Editor Jace Weaver, an attorney and theologian, direct the Institute of Native American Studies at the University of Georgia. His books include Other Words: American Indian Literature, Law, and Culture and The Red Atlantic: American Indigenes and the Making of the Modern World 1000-1927.

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Defending Mother Earth
Native American Perspectives on Environmental Justice
Jace Weaver
Foreword by Russell Means