Crossing Cultural Frontiers

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Recognized as one of the Ten Outstanding Books of 2017 for Mission Studies by the International Bulletin of Mission Research

Andrew F. Walls’s first collection of essays, The Missionary Movement in Christian History, was named by Christianity To­day in their list of the top 100 most influential books of the twentieth century. In this third collection, Walls carries forward his decades-long project, upending staid interpretations of Christian history by examining the role of mission and cross-cultural transmission of the Gospel in the formation of World Christianity.

In essays marked by profound learning and his characteristic wit, Walls covers themes ranging from the transmission of Christian faith, to Africa in Christian thought and history, along with reflections on a broad range of mission figures, and a personal reflection on “missiology as a vocation.”

Andrew F. Walls is a former missionary to Sierra Leone and Honorary Professor in the University of Edinburgh; Professor of the History of Mission, Liverpool Hope University; and Emeritus Professor, Akrofi-Christaller Institute, Akropong, Ghana. His books include The Missionary Movement in Christian History, The Cross-Cultural Process in Christian History, and (with Cathy Ross), Mission in the 21st Century (all Orbis Books).

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Crossing Cultural Frontiers
Studies in the History of World Christianity
Andrew F. Walls
Edited by Mark R. Gornik

Crossing Cultural Frontiers Table of Contents (978-1-62698-258-1_toc.pdf, 96 Kb) [Download]

A treasure trove of historical insights and missiological wisdom.
Another remarkable volume of essays by Andrew F. Walls.
This book gives evidence of how far, how long, and into how many corners [Walls] has gone, sweeping and searching with sharp eyes and an uncanny ability to see what others have overlooked. ... Get it and read it!
Andrew Walls is well known for shedding new light on old stories in Christian history, in ways that are spiritually and culturally liberating for world Christians facing the challenges of mission and witness in our time. He has done it again in this wonderful, wide-ranging collection of essays.
The merit of the collection of essays is the attention Walls gives to the religious dimension of Christianity's missionary career, with pointers to the kind of new theological inquiry set to commence in the world beyond the West. The book is a welcome addition to the two previous collected essays that introduced American readers to the work of Andrew Walls.
Andrew Walls has been at the forefront of the study of World Christianity for more than a generation. Crossing Cultural Frontiers demonstrates why. The essays collected here from several decades of writing offer fresh and challenging insights on a variety of fronts, powerfully making the case that "World Christianity is not a development of the last century; it is the natural Christian condition."
Once again Andrew Walls dazzles the reader with the reach of his intellect and his ability to extract from eye-witness accounts the story that illustrates perfectly the ironies of the transmission of Christian faith. An absolute masterpiece.
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