Christian Mission, Contextual Theology, Prophetic Dialogue

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Selected as one of  TEN OUTSTANDING BOOKS IN MISSION AND WORLD CHRISTIANITY 2018 by the International Bulletin of Mission Research

While honoring Steve Bevans, SVD, a towering figure in the field of mis­siology and a longtime author of Orbis books on missiology, this book is de­signed as a textbook for classroom use. It is organized around the three main foci of Bevans’ theology: mission, contextual theologies, and dialogical theory.

Contributors are a who’s who of contemporary mission studies in global context and represent various Christian traditions throughout the global church.

Dale T. Irvin is president of New York Theologi­cal Seminary and professor of world Christianity. He is the co-author with Scott W. Sunquist of History of the World Christian Movement (Orbis 2001, 2012).

Peter C. Phan, a native of Vietnam, emigrated as a refugee to the U.S. in 1975. He is currently the Ignacio Ellacuría Professor of Catholic Social Thought at Georgetown University. His other Orbis books include The Joy of Religious Plural­ism (2017) and Christianity with an Asian Face: Asian American Theology in the Making (2003).

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Christian Mission, Contextual Theology, Prophetic Dialogue
Essays in Honor of Stephen B. Bevans, SVD
American Society of Missiology
Dale T. Irvin
Peter C. Phan

Christian Mission, Contextual Theology, Prophetic Dialogue Table of Contents (978-1-62698-299-4_toc.pdf, 73 Kb) [Download]

An excellent book, as it not only celebrates Bevans's contributions to missiology but also presents current Roman Catholic thinking on this fascinating subject.
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