Changing the Questions

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This introduction to and an overview of the work of Margaret Farley, one of the church’s leading ethicists will be a valuable resource for students of public ethics, sexual ethics, and the ethics of relationships. Essays from throughout Farley’s long scholarly career, both published and unpublished, focus on the intersection of ethics and public life.

Changing the Questions also includes Farley’s sermons as well as her essays on ecclesiology and feminism, making it a far-ranging summary of her interests and contributions to theology over the past four decades.

Margaret A. Farley is Gilbert L. Stark Professor Emerita of Christian Ethics at Yale University Divinity School. She is the author or co-editor of seven books, including Personal Commitments: Beginning, Keeping, Changing (Orbis); Compassionate Respect: A Feminist Approach to Medical Ethics and Other Questions (Paulist Press); and Just Love: A Framework for Christian Sexual Ethics (Bloomsbury).

Jamie L. Manson (editor) received her Master of Divinity degree from Yale Divinity School, where she studied Catholic theology and ethics with Margaret Farley. Her award-winning column, “Grace on the Margins,” appears weekly in the National Catholic Reporter.

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Changing the Questions
Explorations in Christian Ethics
Margaret A. Farley
author, Just Love
Edited by Jamie L. Manson
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Farley's writings are a gift to the whole Church....She is to be applauded for addressing and challenging our most difficult ethical questions rather than dismissing them. Her many years of experience and thoughtful reflection have equipped her with a voice that deserves to be heard.
This collection of essays on a range of ethical issues spans over forty years of Margaret Farley's writing and offers a wonderful cross section of her concerns as a Catholic theological ethicist....Farley's fresh consideration of the issues, together with changing the questions, results in this excellent and thoughtful contemplation of the challenges facing Christian ethicists today.
Readers will appreciate Farley's lucid, lovely writing and her deep commitment to the concrete reality of complex ethical issues....Scholars will welcome this classroom-ready collection of influential works.
While exquisitely sensitive to differing positions both within and outside Catholic thinking, Farley develops a blueprint for thinking about complicated situations. She does not provide answers. Rather she offers tools.... This book shows her to be a giant among contemporary thinkers. It would serve as a must read in the undergraduate or graduate classroom and in the office of a pastoral care team.
Offers fresh insight into Farley’s exploration of major themes in theological ethics, such as freedom of choice, relationality, mutuality, respect for persons, love, hope, and justice as it intersects with public life.
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