Blessed Are the Refugees

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“Our role as people of faith is to put a face to the ‘issue’ of immigration, because if you ‘see’ that those who are the victims of an injustice are exactly like us, it is much more difficult to do inhuman things to them. Blessed are the Refugees does this in a very real way." —Cardinal Joseph W. Tobin, C.Ss.R., Archbishop of Newark

This moving book highlights the stories of immigrant children who fled Central America, having taken the dangerous trip alone to escape violence and poverty. Eight story-reflections, each based on a different Beatitude and recounting the experience of one of these youths, are written by attorneys and volunteers of Catholic Charities’ Esperanza Center of Baltimore. The story/reflections are accompanied by artwork created by an immi­grant youth and her brother, along with prayers written by Jesuit Father Leo O’Donovan.

Scott Rose helps immigrant children as a Catholic deacon and volunteer attorney with Esperanza Center. He is also the CEO of a non-profit community mental health organization.

Leo J. O’Donovan, SJ, is Director of Mission for Jesuit Refugee Service/USA and former presi­dent of Georgetown University, Washington, DC (1989 to 2001).

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Blessed Are the Refugees
Beatitudes of Immigrant Children
Scott Rose
Leo O'Donovan, SJ
Staff and Volunteers of Catholic Charities' Esperanza Center
Foreword by Joe Biden
Full color art

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