All Shall Be Well

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From the first day of Lent through Easter Sunday and beyond, these 54 readings from beloved writers, classical and contemporary, will surprise you with joy, touch you with love, and comfort you with peace. A wonderful book for daily inspiration during the Lenten season and to re-read for its beauty and wisdom on many days after.

Includes writings by John Updike, Phyllis Tickle, Pope Francis, T.S. Eliot, Henri Nouwen, Dorothy Day, Thomas Merton, Mary Oliver, Jim Martin, and many others.

Michael Leach, editor-at-large for Orbis Books, has edited many anthologies, including A Maryknoll Book of Inspiration (Orbis, 2010) and the bestseller I Like Being Catholic. James  T. Keane is acquisitions editor at Orbis Books. Doris Goodnough is rights & permissions coordinator at Orbis Books. All three were co-editors of Goodness & Light: Readings for Advent & Christmas (Orbis, 2015). All three editors live in metropolitan New York.

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All Shall Be Well
Readings for Lent and Easter
Michael Leach
James Keane
Doris Goodnough
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Our journey from Ash Wednesday through Lent to Easter and after often can be somber as we reflect on the familiar stories of Jesus Christ's experiences in the wilderness, his journey to Jerusalem and his relationship with the disciples during this time. "All Shall Be Well" is an excellent companion for the journey, helping us to "the astonishing realization," as the editors say, "that we are in him, and thus in God and each other, and all is well."
Highly recommended for parish libraries and for all readers who seek a wise guide to light their Lenten path.
A powerful collection of writings from poets, activists, and religious sisters and brothers, this volume from Orbis includes voices who speak for peace, caring for the needy, and uplifting the weak.... an inspiring and uplifting companion.
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