Adult Faith

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Celebrated writer and teacher Diarmuid OMurchu has written this book in response to the many adult faith-seekers he has encountered over the past twenty years. Adults today seek spiritual meaning in ways very different from previous times. They seek adult answers to adult questions and wish to be part of the dialogical process that helps to unearth deeper truth.

OMurchu demonstrates that todays adults are interested in mature and enlightened ways to live out their faith in the world. He boldly points out dimensions of conventional religion which no longer inspire or offer hope, and is visionary in offering a multitude of approaches that nurture a faith for adults. The result is a book that empowers adult faith-seekers to grow in wisdom and in grace, and that enables churches to use their resources to strengthen the faith of their people at a time of great change in how people think about institutional religion.

Diarmuid OMurchu is a priest and social scientist who facilitates programs in adult faith development. His books include the classic Quantum Theology, Evolutionary Faith, and Ancestral Grace. He lives in London.

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Adult Faith
Growing in Wisdom and Understanding
Diarmuid O'Murchu
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