A Theology of Southeast Asia

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"Brazal invites the reader to enter deeper into the Filipino world through the door of discourse analysis, which privleges voices and concerns coming from the margins of society.  The Profundity of her reflections goes beyond the "local" as it engages a broader and diversified community of moral discourse.  Such contextual methodology enables the shift in the Philippine theological ethics from vernacular/ liberation hermeneutics to a liberation postcolonial ethical perspective."  -- Simone Boiser, Steyler Missionswissenschaftliches Institut, Verbum SVD

“To the extent that Christianity opens itself to other tra­ditions, it will become different. Not that it will be less Christian or cease to be Christian altogether. It will simply be taking one more step toward catholicity, the fullness it claims to anticipate in the coming reign of God.”—Catherine Cornille, from the Series Foreword

Based on the Duffy lectures she delivered at Boston College in 2017, Agnes M. Brazal explores many diverse facets of theology and ethics in the Philippines, including cyberethics and populism, traditional Bai theology, and the struggles of indigenous peoples. This rich work will be of interest not only to Filipino theologians but also to all those interested in doing vernacular, liberation, and postcolonial theologies.

“Contains a rich introduction of Filipino contributions that reframe moral theological-ethical reading and the dynamic translation of contextual issues and themes in the vernacular language for application in many grassroots associations, communities, and churches.. . . [This] thin book is packed with amazingly rich resources to mine on inculturated theologies in the Philippines in the 20th century.”-- Timothy T.N. Lim, in Reading Religion

Agnes M. Brazal is associate professor of theology at De La Salle University in Manila, Philippines, and a past president and founding member of the DaKaTeo (Catholic Theological Society of the Philippines). She is co-editor (with M. T. Davila) of Living with(out) Borders: Catholic Theological Ethics on the Migrations of Peoples (Orbis 2016). She is also co-editor of Feminist Cyberethics in Asia.


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A Theology of Southeast Asia
Liberation-Postcolonial Ethics in the Philippines
Duffy Lectures Boston College
Agnes M. Brazal

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