A Passion for Life - Devotional

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"Offers the sort of soul-nourishing meditation found only in the encounter with beauty."--U.S. Catholic

Through the icons of Robert Lentz and the reflections of Joan Chittister, A Passion for Life presents the lives of over two dozen saints, prophets, and witnesses who speak to the urgent spiritual questions of our time.  The icons in this book are male and female, Christian and non-Christian, married and unmarried, religious and lay.  They are people like us.  With one exception, perhaps: "In their eyes burn the eyes of a God who sees injustice and decries it, sees poverty and condemns it, sees inequality and refuses it, sees wrong and demands that it be set right.  These are people who gave themselves entirely to the impulses of God for the sake fo the world."

Joan Chittister, OSB, is one of the most popular religious writers today.  A regular columnist in NCR, she lectures throughout the world raising a prophetic voice.  She is the award-winning author of The Way of the Cross, For Everything a Season, The Way We Were, and many other books.  She is a member of the Benedictines in Erie, Pennsylvania.

Artist Richard Lentz, a Franciscan friar, is one of the best-known contemporary icon painters in North America.  His icons also appear in Christ in the Margins (text by Edwina Gateley). He lives and works in Silver Spring, MD.

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A Passion for Life
Devotional Edition
Joan Chittister
22 Icons by Robert Lentz
Chittister and Lentz offer a broad array of ordinary folk - laypersons and religious, female and male, non-Christian and Christian - who have walked before us in a form accessible to a wide range of ages and readers. These powerful stories and images may be read as history, a primer for peacemakers, as a text in a peace studies course; as a devotional text and focus for mediation or prayer; or as a series of lessons in ethics.
This inspirational book brings readers closer to the lives of these icons.
From Martin Luther King Jr. to prophets such as Amos, this book offers up insights on the qualities necessary to live a spiritual life in modern times, and provides a wide range of portraits recommended for modern spiritual readers.
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