A New Way to Be Church

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“If the Church is ever going to actualize its full potency as a force for good it will happen only when the parish is at the center of the work of compassion and justice, and the work of com­passion and justice is at the center of the parish.”

What is the future of the American Church? Building on the legacy of the Catholic Church's robust historical witness, the inspiration of Pope Fran­cis, and his own experiences as parish minister, Catholic Worker member, and founder of Just­Faith Ministries, Jack Jezreel presents a unique vision for renewing parish life.

Promoting an outward, mission-oriented iden­tity that connects evangelization, faith-forma­tion, service, spirituality, and social justice, he argues that a true “Vatican II” parish knows that ministry is done by everyone, everywhere— not exclusively by clergy and not primarily on parish property. He ties this to Pope Francis’s vision of a community of missionary disciples and the call of “encounter.”

The book is leavened by Jezreel's reflections on scripture and his own personal experience of family, parish ministry, service, and work for social justice. He ends the book with a practi­cal guide for implementing these principles in your own parish.

Jack Jezreel, a popular national speaker and teacher, received his Master of Divinity degree from the University of Notre Dame. He is the originator of the JustFaith program, and now serves as Senior Advisor for JustFaith Ministries.

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A New Way to Be Church
Parish Renewal from the Outside In
Jack Jezreel

A New Way to Be Church Table of Contents (978-1-62698-290-1_toc.pdf, 195 Kb) [Download]

... an excellent source for those who are frustrated with parish "navel gazing," particularly when it comes at the expense of the poor and vulnerable in our communities. As a blueprint for re-envisioned American Catholic Church rooted in the Church's teachings on social mission, Jezreel's work serves as a helpful handbook in pursuit of Pope Francis' model of a community of missionary disciples called the Church.
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