A Christology of Religions

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In his latest book, Gerald O’Collins adopts the person and saving work of Christ as the master key for organizing themes commonly treated by theologies of religion. But he does so through the lens of Christology to examine important themes that these theologies typically ignore:  the relevance of the theology of the cross for thinking about “the others”; the impact of Christ’s priesthood on all men and women of all places and times; the efficacy of prayer for “the others” inspired by love; and the nature of faith available for these “others.”

This “Christology of religions,” O’Collins argues, can help break the current stalemate widely affecting the theology of religions, and breathe new life into thinking about religious “others."

Gerald O’Collins, SJ, an Australian Jesuit, is currently a research fellow of the University of Divinity (Melbourne) and adjunct professor of the Australian Catholic University (Melbourne).  His recent books include The Second Vatican Council: Message and Meaning, Revelation: Toward a Christian Interpretation of God’s Self-Revelation in Jesus Christ, and The Second Vatican Council on Other Religions, all Oxford University Press.

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A Christology of Religions
Gerald O’Collins, SJ

A Christology of Religions Table of Contents (978-1-62698-281-9_toc.pdf, 448 Kb) [Download]

Building upon his prior work, O’Collins here offers a more fully developed account of the role of Jesus Christ in the salvation of all. As always, he balances full commitment to Christian faith in the uniqueness of Jesus Christ with genuine recognition of the possibility of salvation outside the Church. The book offers new insight into the meaning of “intercession” on the part of Christ as high priest and on the part of the Church in its prayers for others.
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