In Quest of the Jewish Mary

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Jesus, as is well known, was born and raised as a Jew in first-century Palestine. A great deal of theological study has focused on the Jewish cultural and religious context of his life and ministry. It is only natural that this attention should lead us to a new approach to his mother, Mary of Nazareth. To some extent, this quest for the Jewish Mary involves excavating beneath centuries of devotional reflection and artistic depictions that have presented a mythologized Mary, detached from history and from her specific Jewish identity.

In this book, Mary Christine Athans draws on the latest historical research, the fruits of post-Vatican II Jewish-Christian dialogue, the insights of feminist theology, and contemporary spiritual reflection to rediscover the Jewish Mary—a woman of enormous courage, strength, and prayer.

"[Readers] will come away with a renewed appreciation not only of Mary, the Jewish mother of Jesus, but of the history of the Catholic Church and its relations with Jews and with other Christians. . . . At once enormously informative and, simply put, a great read, indeed, a page turner.""—from the Foreword by Eugene J. Fisher

Mary Christine Athans, BVM, is a Sister of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, professor emerita at the Saint Paul Seminary School of Divinity of the University of St. Thomas (Minnesota) and currently adjunct faculty at Loyola University Chicago and the Catholic Theological Union.

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Jesus: A Gospel
Henri Nouwen

"Biblically rich and deeply moving, this is a book of rare originality and creativity that will inspire faith and invigorate religious dialogue."

"In these meditations we are drawn close to the voice of Miriam whose own prayer was and remains enfolded in the prayer of her people."

"A treasure trove of added information. . . Athans' goal is to redeem Mary, not as a "queen, empress," or "Nordic virgin," but as a "jewish woman who is 'truly our sister.'". . . The author's tackling aspects of Marian devotion may trouble some, but she does so in a spirit of truth-seeking, integrating history, theology, and spirit."

". . . recommended for all who would like to learn more about life in New Testament times, and about the woman behind the image."

"...a valuable contribution to the body of works aimed at finding Miriam of Nazareth..."

" times refreshing, in that Mary's role as the Mother of God is under-appreciated...recommended for institutions with collections dedicated to Christian Theology and Mariology."

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