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"The book's appeal is as broad as the Pope's fan base, reaching out to Catholics, other Christians, seekers, and non-believers alike….Francis writes in simple, gentle prose, and the study questions interspersed through the text are short, to the point, and thoughtful. This inspiring book would make an excellent group study for Christians and seekers of all persuasions."  -- Publishers Weekly

“I believe in the surprise of each day, in which will be manifest love, strength, betrayal, and sin, which will be always with me until that definitive encounter with that marvelous face which I do not know, which always escapes me, but which I wish to know and love. Amen.”

Drawn from his writings, interviews, and homilies, I Believe provides an intimate window on the Pope’s personal faith, and an incomparable introduction to the gospel. Organized around the principle themes of the Apostles' Creed, these short readings make it clear that the Creed is more than a list of dogmatic propositions; it is an invitation to encounter the living God in the deepest place in our hearts. And that encounter inspires us to action: to give witness, to practice greater charity, to live in the truth. The Pope’s words are also a challenge—to meet the God of surprises, who makes all things new, who accompanies us on our journey. For anyone seeking a more authentic life, this is a book to carry and treasure.

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I Believe
The Promise of the Creed
Pope Francis
Edited by Stefan von Kempis
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The presentation parses the Creed, text relating to each phrase being introduced by a note about its origin and occasion. The result is rather like attending a retreat with the Pope, for each step represents an aspect or an insight of the faith that the whole expresses. The Pope far from seeing a reward coming at the end, suggests that it is the journey itself and what it reveals of divine and human truth that is the true reward.
A collection of writings, interviews, and homilies that provide an intimate window on the Pope's personal faith, and an incomparable introduction to the gospel.... The Pope's words also provide a challenge -- to meet the God of surprises, who makes all things new, and who accompanies us on our journey.
This creative new book gathers together, in one volume, Pope Francis's thoughts on the various parts of the Apostles’ Creed. As a result, it offers what theologians call a ‘systematic’ look at his way of approaching Christian belief. But this is not some dry theological tome. Rather, it's vintage Francis: clear, concise, provocative, inspiring and always accessible—for anyone from the devout believer to the doubtful seeker.
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