Being On Fire

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Grounded in scripture and tradition Being On Fire provides ten key affirmations—on God and  creation, Jesus and the sacraments, mission, community, and the universe—that encompass the fullness of life in Christ, today.

 “A warm, down-to-earth challenge to the poisonous skepticism and disenchantment that smother our God-given soul-hungers like an acid fog. For God’s sake (truly), let’s feel the exuberance of living on fire before we claim to be ‘all burnt out.’ "—William J. O’Malley, S.J., author, Connecting with God

 “A refreshingly positive perspective on what it means to be Roman Catholic. Relying on his personal experience and diverse sources from Protestant theologians to papal documents, from popular culture to government official papers, from theological works to biblical scholarship, Fr Rick takes us on an enjoyable journey through his ten basics and does it all with a sense of joy and hopefulness, laying before us the radical call to a prophetic living of our faith.”—John Sivalon, M.M., author, God’s Mission in Post-modern Culture

Richard G. Malloy, S.J. is vice president for university mission and ministry at the University of Scranton. His previous Orbis book, A Faith That Frees: Catholic Matters for the Twenty-first Century won second place in the category “Popular Presentation of the Faith” from the Catholic Press Association. He has served as interim director of campua ministry at Saint Joseph's University, Philadelphia, and as a priest in the inner city, on a Native American reservation, and among Catholics in New Jersey, South Dakota, Alaska, Kentucky, New Mexico, and Chile. His essays have appeared in The New York Times, The Huffington Post, America, U.S. Catholic and The Catholic Start Herald.




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Being on Fire
The Top Ten Essentials of Catholic Faith
Richard Malloy, S.J.

Malloy captures what it truly means to be a Roman Catholic living out the faith in a radical way.

"Firmly rooted in a stance of 'sinners called to follow Christ', Malloy is direct, topical, vigorous and at times, humorous. A wonderful book!"

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