World Christianity

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An excellent text and academic resource for fields ranging from missiology, liturgical studies, ethics, ecclesiology, and more, this book includes contributions from many of the leading lights of contemporary theology. Part I comprises essays that explore the diverse faces of World Christianity across the globe. The essays in Part II discuss the many ways in which the various theological disciplines are being transformed or reshaped by World Christianity.

Jonathan Y. Tan is Archbishop Paul J. Hallinan Professor of Catholic Studies at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH. He is the author of Introducing Asian American Theologies(2008) and Christian Mission among thePeoples of Asia (2014).

Anh Q. Tran, SJ is associate professor of  systematic and historical theology at Santa Clara University's Jesuit School of Theology and Graduate Theological Union at Berkeley. His research interests include world Christianity, religious pluralism, intercultural/interreligious dialogue, Asian spirituality and theology, and Christian missions in Asia.

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World Christianity
Perspectives and Insights
Jonathan Y. Tan
Anh Q. Tran
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"A timely contribution to the development of the field of World Christianity."
"Surveys what Christianity looks like in an authentically global context, where North American and European voices still contribute, but no longer govern or dominate how Christianity is studied, taught, and articulated theologically."
These essays describe and analyze a flowering of indigenous forms of Christianity across the global landscape.... The range is broad, the topics generally well chosen, and the scholarship evident. There is something for everyone here, from the professional to the student, from readers’ social location at any point on the compass, and from denominational membership anywhere on the spectrum of Christianity.... Peter Phan’s eagle’s wings hover over these estimable proceedings, which will benefit many in the coming years, and deserve to be not simply in every theological library’s stacks but in many individuals’ hands.
Documenting a particular yet important conversation in world Christianity, this book offers sharp insights to the past, present, and future of this field of studies, exemplifying the creative insights that often emerge from multi/intercultural collaboration.
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