Women Leaders in the Student Christian Movement

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Founded in the late nineteenth century, the Student Christian Movement (SCM) is now found in the World Student Christian Federation and the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students. Its descendants include InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, Campus Crusade for Christ, and all campus Christian groups or groups for students of other religions. The WSCF claims to have 2 million members in 90 countries and the IFES can be found in 160 nations.

Drawing on the historical records of the SCM, Thomas A. Russell establishes the role of women in the organization from its beginning, stressing not only the pressures and prejudices they faced but also the pioneering work they performed and the valuable contributions they offered.

A work of immense historical value, Russell’s text advances the ongoing debate  on the role of women in numerous religious communities, Christian and otherwise.

Thomas A. Russell is a faculty member in in­terdisciplinary studies for University College, University of Memphis, and a priest in the Anglican Church in North America. He holds a Ph.D. from Vanderbilt University and a Master of Divinity from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.

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Women Leaders in the Student Christian Movement
American Society of Missiology
Thomas A. Russell
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Will inspire a new generation of ecumenical students and clarify how important it is to do inclusive historical research.
"A rewarding book to read for its analysis of the professionalizing advancements the SCM offered to women leaders.... Those who teach or research in the areas of gender, religion, and leadership (and especially where those things intersect) will benefit from reading this book."
A fine and timely tribute to an extraordinary band of courageous women whose stories otherwise would have been lost to posterity. It is an erudite and captivating account of the challenges and dangers they faced, the prejudices they overcame, and the outstanding contribution they made to the faith life of the generations of young students they served.
With deft storytelling skills based on diligent research, Professor Russell paints intriguing portraits of women secretaries of the SCM and WSCF that rescue their astonishing and innovative contributions from obscurity. Using these biographies, Russell weaves a compelling narrative about the diverse forms of women’s leadership roles in the expansion of Christian internationalism.
Offers a fascinating glimpse into the lives and complex leadership roles Victorian women played in the SCM. Russell weaves rich biographical details into his study of the varied roles women played in the SCM. In doing so, he challenges our assumptions about the leadership opportunities open to Victorian women.
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