Women & Christianity: Volume 1

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The history of Christianity reveals a grat ambivalence towards women. On the one hand, women have been included, graced, called, inspired, and canonized throughout the centuries. On the other, women have not always felt appreciated, and have indeed often been excluded and even oppressed.

in Women and Christianity author Mary T. Malone brings to light women's persistence, courage, and innovation in living their lives as Christians. Dr. Malone offers a critical analysis of previous conventional histories while emphasizing the importance of women's contributions not only to Christianity but to the development of Western culture.

General readers as well as students and scholars of Christian history will find Women & Christianity a refreshing and valuable resource.

"Excellent . . . . A welcome addiiton to the literature, well-grounded, accessible, and able to inform."--Mary Jo Weaver, Indiana University

Mary T. Malone taught for many years at St. Jerome's University, Waterloo, Canada where she served as chair of the Graduate Department of Religious Studies from 1994-1996. She now lives in Ireland.

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Women & Christianity: Volume 1
The First Thousand Years
Mary T. Malone