Why Africa Matters

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Most Americans see Africa through the eyes of explorers or exploiters, academics, politicians, or film producers. Now, Cedric Mayson shows us Africa as it is--its spirit, its values, its soul. He traces the evolution of the "cradle of civilization" from the beginning of time to the time of President Barack Obama.

Why Africa Matters shows the ways in which African history, peoples, and culture have contributed and continue to contribute to the West. Readers will come to appreciate Africa in a new way and see themselves and Africans as interconnected and vitally important to each other in a changing world.

Why Africa Matters reveals a breathtaking as well as heartbreaking continent whose peoples possess both tremendous gifts and an indomitable spirit.

Cedric Mayson is the director of the Commission on Religious Affairs for the African National Congress, Johannesburg, South Africa. A Methodist minister, he was an active participant in the religious resistance to apartheid and at one point was exiled in England. He is a popular lecturer at major conferences throughout the world.

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Why Africa Matters
Cedric Mayson
This is a book that will alert younger non-African peoples to the reality of apartheid Africa prior to Nelson Mandela becoming president in 1994, to the cultural superiority and arrogance that were characteristic of many Christian missionaries throughout Africa, to the need for religions to reclaim their prophetic impulse, and to the need to bid farewell to institutionalism and fundamentalism. Mayson is to be congratulated for allowing the reader to see afresh that Africa matters.
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