Wholeness and Holiness



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“We have heard or said: ‘I am not a saint.’ Usually this means: ‘Don’t expect me to be perfect.’ But a saint is not perfect in the sense of being totally saintly every minute of every day. . . .  A saint is an ordinary person who is animated by an extraordinary love. A saint is also someone dedicated to and focused on the issues that make love concrete.”—From the book

Another masterful work by this renowned and popular author, Wholeness and Holiness guides the reader through grace into the possibilities of a deeper spirituality and relationship with oneself, the world, and God. With his lifetime experience in psychology and spirituality, David Richo takes us on a three-step journey to become psychologically healthy, spiritually aware and active, and sometimes saintly. All three are possible!

David Richo, PhD, is a psychotherapist, author, and workshop leader, who combines psychological and spiritual perspectives in his work. He teaches at a variety of places, including Esalen and Spirit Rock Buddhist Center. Among his many books are How to Be an Adult and Everything Ablaze. He lives in California. www.davericho.com


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Wholeness and Holiness
How to be Sane, Spiritual, and Saintly
David Richo

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