Toward a New Heaven and a New Earth

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This collection of essays celebrating the brilliant work of Elisabeth Schüssler Fiorenza begins with an in-depth interview conducted by Fernando Segovia in which Professor Schüssler Fiorenza reminisces about her life—from her childhood during the Second World War, through university studies and her developing awareness of the need for theological contributions to be made by women.


Part I—Hermeneutics of Liberation:
J. Severino Croatto, Musa W. Dube, Richard A. Horsley, Kwok Pui-lan, Fernando F. Segovia, R. S. Sugirtharajah, Elsa Tamez, Elaine Wainwright, Vincent Wimbush, and Satoko Yamaguchi

Part II—Theologies of Liberation:
James H. Cone, Wanda Deifelt, Ivone Gebara, Eveline Goodman-Thau, Gustavo Gutiérrez, .Bonna Devora Haberman, Dietmar Mieth, Aloysius Pieris, Regula Strobel, and Jean Zaru

Part III—Feminist Studies in Religion:
María Pilar Aquino, Gabriele Dietrich, Regula Grünenfelder, Marsha Aileen Hewitt, Mary E. Hunt, Nantawan Boonprasat Lewis, Hedwig Meyer-Wilmes, Judith Plaskow, Marjorie Procter-Smith, and Susan Shapiro

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Toward a New Heaven and a New Earth
Essays in Honor of Elisabeth S Fiorenza
Fernando F. Segovia

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