To Speak the Truth in Love

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In 1979 Sister Theresa Kane, then-president of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, was invited to offer a greeting to Pope John Paul II during his visit to the United States. She used the opportunity to ask the pope to open all the ministries of the Church to women. This riveting biography opens with that famous scene, a galvanizing moment that provoked ardent support as well as bitter criticism. During her seven years as president of the Sisters of Mercy of the Union, she fought tirelessly for women’s equality. Because she would not desist from speaking her sisters’ truth, the Vatican tried to remove her from office. Kane persisted with a deep and persevering faith.

Through her story, this book documents an important period of contemporary Catholic history when Theresa Kane and so many other sisters exercised unparalleled leadership in the Catholic Church by speaking truth to power—with love, wisdom, and grace.

Christine Schenk, CSJ, a Sister of St. Joseph, has worked as a nurse midwife to low-income families, a community organizer, and the founding director of an international church reform organization, FutureChurch. Her recent book, Crispina and Her Sisters: Women and Authority in Early Christianity, received a first place award from the Catholic Press Association.

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To Speak the Truth in Love
A Biography of Theresa Kane, RSM
Christine Schenk, CSJ
Index, photos

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