The Way of Kindness

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ONE OF THE 50 BEST SPIRITUAL BOOKS OF 2018—Spirituality and Practice

"Three things in human life are important. The first is to be kind. The second is to be kind. And the third is to be kind."—Henry James

 A collection of essays, fiction, poems, meditations, and inspired ideas on the grace and rewards of being kind. 

Contributors include Anne Lamott, Frederick Buechner, James Martin, Jack Kerouac, Mother Teresa, Dorothy Day, Jack Kornfield, George Saunders, Joan Chittister, Joyce Rupp, Richard Rohr, Henri Nouwen, Steve Hartman, and many others whose insights and spiritual perceptions bring compassion and grace to many.

Michael Leach, publisher emeritus for Orbis Books, has edited many popular anthologies, including A Celebration of Married Life (Gramercy) with Therese Borchard.

James T. Keane, former Orbis editor, is now senior editor at America magazine. 

Doris Goodnough, rights and permissions coordinator for Orbis, has co-edited A Maryknoll Book of Inspiration with Michael Leach.  All three were co-editors of The Way of Gratitude: Readings for a Joyful Life (2017), All Shall Be Well: Readings for Lent and Easter (2016) and Goodness and Light:  Readings for Advent and Christmas (2015), all from Orbis.

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The Way of Kindness
Readings for a Graceful Life
Michael Leach
James T. Keane
Doris Goodnough

The Way of Kindness Table of Contents (978-1-62698-275-8_toc.pdf, 164 Kb) [Download]